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Welcome to Five Days of Action 2019! The Five Days of Action is a week in April designed to raise awareness and inspire adults to take action to protect children from sexual abuse. This year’s theme is the three simple habits of Know. See. Respond. The Five Days of Action is an effort of the YMCA Guardians for Child Protection, with support from YMCA of the USA (Y-USA), Darkness to Light, the Redwoods Group Foundation, and Praesidium, encouraging all YMCAs to join together to protect children.Please check out the following resources:


Checklist for Safer Sleepovers (Darkness to Light)

Talking to Kids About Body Safety (Darkness to Light)

Information for Parents & Young Children (Praesidium)

 -Tips for Protecting Youth (Praesidium)


Make your Pledge Today to prevent abuse.


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