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Camp MYstiC at the Medford Youth Center

Last summer we made new friends, saw new things and had the best time ever! We have an action-packed summer planned for us this year, including new field trips, games and more opportunities to make new friends. The dedicated staff, age-appropriate activities, new field trips, team building, sports and hands-on crafts come together to make the best summer ever. As positive role models, our counselors provide campers with an enriching summer experience. We focus on developing the potential of every camper, while creating a warm and nurturing environment where all campers can play, challenge themselves, make friends and have a wonderful experience!

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Family Handbook

Meningococcal Disease and Camp Attendees: Commonly Asked Questions

In accordance with 105cmr430 this camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts department of public health and be licensed by the local board of health. You  may request copies of background check, health care and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing grievances. 

eningococcal Disease and Camp Attendees: Commonly Asked Questions

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Merger News Release

Your continued support is needed for the Medford Youth Center! Thanks to donations from our community, the Medford Youth Center is a safe space for nearly 250 children and teens annually. Our Youth Center is an important place in our community where youth receive the support and opportunities they need to succeed in school and career, develop socially and emotionally, have fun and be creative, and explore opportunities to lead and serve in their communities.


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Contact Center Director Ariel FitzHugh for more information about enrollment or other center information. 

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